IH-3 is our latest design, built with with the best materials & componets on the market. The IH-3 model incorporates the following features:

  • Sandwich construction, the whole bottom & the top decks walking areas are built with Divinycell foam core, this produces the lightest & strongest composite hovercraft hull.
  • Manufactured with vaccum bagged kevlar, carbon, glass fibre & epoxy.
  • More then 400 litres of built in closed cell floatation, to guarantee a unsinkable hovercraft.
  • Low reving 4-stroke engines for low noise & low service cost
  • Hydrodynamic bottom with air lubricated bow step, for safe high speed handling on water.
  • Special design plenum to prevent water ingress while floating on water.
  • Super efficient low reving, wide blade thrustfan for low noise & high thrust.
  • 37 litres fueltank, gives you up to 150 miles range.
  • 3 carbon rudders for exact controlled steering.
  • Pilot training is always incuded in purchase.







Length 4,34 m
Width 2.32 m
Hoverheight 0.25 m
Dryweight 340 kg
Thrustduct 1,1 m
Liftduct 0,63 m
Hull Kevlar, carbon  & glass reinforced  
epoxy with H45-55 Divinycell core

Maxload 350 kg
Top speed Ice 40 knot
Water 25 knot
Fueltank 37 liters
Thrust-engine Vanguard 37 hp EFI
Briggs & Stratton 18 hp
6-12 litres/h
Standard-features Electric start, windshield, nav. lights and flashlight, 2 x bilge pumps, drain plug, fuel guage, rev/h-guage, GPS-plotter, Pilot training.
Storage cover, covered trailer, Extra lights, AIS, VHF etc.

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